Ponte Group of Companies was set ground for today started business in 1961 in Denizli, Turkey with core business of olive trade. The family, who is living on with olive trade until 1990, has moved to Aydın to improve the olive trade with production and  founded the first group company Orhanoğlu Gıda A.Ş. Our Company, speeded up its services with the strong investments made and the highest accepted sense of quality about the food sector, has become one of the most reliable olive manufacturer. Driven by manufacturing know-how other companies were integrated as well inside. In the first steps of our story in 1994, Batı Zeytin was founded in Istanbul aiming exportation. In 2004 in Antalya, second step of Ponte has become as METI Edt HFS. Within collaboration of our group companies all targeting overall customer satisfaction has its first sight to supply accurate and in time. Incoming third generation with their new stance making our group go from strength to strength is also approving faster changeover and passing down corporate culture as well.

Orhanoğlu Gıda was founded in Buharkent, Aydın targeting table olive manufacturing in 1990. Our company, is picking different harvests and types of olive from very beginning to accounts thanks to extensive experience. Country and accounts based specified Orhanoğlu Gıda, sustain lean production and product development claims. R&D acitivities has been driven by growing product range is also approaching to domestic and foreign markets within Önal and Stellos.

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Our out of home consumption supplier company called METI Edt is founded in 2004 in Antalya. METI has been distributing executive brands and also its own brand by ongoing great effort aiming overall customer satisfaction within strong team and effective fleet. Our company has been a fit supplier to Antalya region corporate hotels and chain of restaurants and is expanding service area day by day.

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Batı Zeytin is founded in Istanbul aiming foreign market has started its commercial activities in 1994. By the achievements of superfine quality and service sense, food and non-food products have been successfully delivered presently.



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